Light Body Creations Essential Oil Spray

Light Body Creations Essential Oil Spray


Essential Oil Alchemy

Mists are Essential oils infused in Sacred Water
and Charged at the LOVE frequency of 528 Hz,
as well as Tibetan singing bowls, Reiki and prayer. 

Blue Ember

Blue Ember is an empowering Essential Oil blend embodying the Divine Masculine Spirit that has embraced the Divine Feminine and Ascended! It is the Shiva blend, shedding the ego and coming into bliss :)
Its frequency is Virtuous, Sensual, Passionate, and Grounding ~
Blue Ember is composed of Essences of:
~ Patchouli~
~ Sandalwood~
~ Ylang Ylang~
~ Silver Fir~

Blue Ember is Crystal Infused with a Blue Calcite, opening and energizing the Throat Chakra to speak truth from source and be a clear channel of love, compassion, and strength.

Earth Goddess

This Alchemy is a Grounding & Centering blend of Juniper, Cedar, Cypress, Cinnamon Bark, & Vetiver.
It embodies the energy of Mother Earth and her Grassy Hills, Rolling Rivers, & Tall Aromatic Trees.
It is charged using Emerald to embody Motherly Love, Deep Heart Centeredness and Remembrance.
Use it to Ground in to Mama Gaia and feel connected to your ancestral Roots.

Moon Light

Moon Light is our Calming Meditation blend made to Embody the Evening Inward Space we all come to every Night. This alchemy lowers the stress hormone cortisol, activates the brain, warms the senses, & stimulates dream time~

Use this Spray to Dive Deep, Meditate, Breathe, Heal, & Dream~

Moon Light contains Essences of:

~Clary Sage~
~Black Pepper~
~Ylang Ylang~

Moon Light is Crystal Infused with Moon Stone, Reflecting the light of the Sun, and shining light to the Shadows~

Rose Ascension

Rose Ascension is our Divine Feminine blend. Embodying the Goddess, this alchemy balances Hormone levels, lowers the stress hormone cortisol, raises serotonin and activates the neuro connectivity within the brain!

This is perfect as a face mist, after cleansing the face and as a makeup setting spray, if desired.
Mist a garden of LOVE wherever you go!
Use this Medicine to Nurture, Heal, Awaken, and Ascend!
Rose Ascension contains Essences of:
~Geranium Rose~
~Red Rose~
~Rose Quartz~

Rose Ascension is Crystal Infused with Rose quartz, ensuring that each drop is full of unconditional love for the self and for all! 

Sacred Space

Sacred Space is our clearing blend. 

Sacred Space mist is perfect for creating an environment for Healing, Meditation, and bringing about connection to Spirit and Ascended Masters and Angels~
This Alchemy holds frequencies that are Sacred, Uplifting, Clearing, and Protecting~
Sacred Space uses the essences of
~White Sage~
~Palo Santo~

Sacred Space is Crystal Infused with Tibetan quartz, integrating wisdom of the Great Creator into our lives with grace and ease.

Solar Ray

Solar Ray is our Activating Inspiration blend made to Embody the Day Time Creative Space we all experience every Morning. This alchemy stimulates Serotonin, Activates the Brain & Senses, & Gives Energy while maintaining Calm.

Use this Spray to Create, Inspire, Motivate, Activate~

Solar Ray contains Essences of:
~Sweet Orange~

Solar Ray is charged with Sun Stone, Beaming Solar Fire Radiance & Creation.

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