Astrology Readings with Shima Moore

Wednesdays 1pm - 5pm

A very basic knowledge of your cycles, symbols & its ancient wisdom can enlighten your life! Astrological educator, Shima Moore's passion to empower others on multiple levels shines through everything she does. Blending decades of modern astrological insights and tools used since time immemorial to advise, assist and guide humanity, Shima will guide you in making sense of your life and manifesting your dreams. Learn more @

$1 per minute

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Intuitive Readings for Humans & Animals with Winterhawk

Thursdays & Fridays 1pm - 5pm

Winterhawk is an Animal & Nature Telepath who helps you discover what your Animal Friends, Power Animals & Nature Guides wish to tell you. Sessions also include Divinity Prayer Healing & your personalized Messages from the Mountain.

Please note: Do not bring your animals into the Chai Shop - Winterhawk communicates telepathically - the animal does not need to be present.

$2 per minute


Vedic Astrology Readings 
with Willa Keizer

Saturdays 1pm - 5pm

Vedic astrology is based on a belief in the law of karma, and reincarnation. Your Vedic birth chart is a map of the karmas that are destined to ripen in this lifetime and a reading can bring great insight into everyday problems and obstacles. Vedic astrology also offers remedial measures to purify challenging circumstances in health, relationships, work, and more. These remedies can include mantra, gemstones, alchemical herbal formulas, and specific spiritual practices and virtuous activities. See for more information.

$2 per minute