Art. Music. Books. Culture.

The Silk Road Chai Shop is a cultural center and community hub of Mount Shasta, CA.  We feature a variety of organic healing teas, superfood coffee, superfood hot chocolate & organic vegan chai, as well as a selection of vegan, gluten-free baked goods.  Offering wifi, a spiritual bookshop, tarot readers and a peaceful atmosphere in the day, we host conscious community events each evening.

The Silk Road Chai Shop is a meeting place for those who hear the call of the mountain.



We provide a peaceful environment for you to use the internet, meditate, enjoy a cup of tea, read a good book, meet with friends and family, relax, and ground into the energies of Mount Shasta. 


Spiritual Bookshop

Our bookshop is filled with books from local authors and rare books from around the world!  We have titles covering many topics including Spirituality, Travel, Yoga, Meditation, Healthy Living and Art, just to name a few.


Meditation Room

Each day we offer our sacred space for private sessions with local readers of all types.  Ranging from Tarot to Rune Divination, Soul Readings, Chakra Clearing & more, there's something for everyone.