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Shamanic Journey to Your Ancestors

Meditative and Empowering Event by Olga, Russian Shaman
Energy Exchange $15-20

Do you work so hard and receive so little?
Are you fulfilling your Life Mission now?
Do you have same painful situations over and over in your life?
Have you ever been rejected, unnoticed, unheard and unseen?
Do you have dream/wish/desire, but everything you do not bringing you any closer?
Debts, Money Problems, Credit Card Problems,Tax Problems?

There is very direct connection between this simple earthy questions and your spiritual heart communion with Your Ancestors.
I invite You to find out yourself, because this Shamanic Work I offer come from direct life experiences and the questions I ask earlier was my own question base on years of suffering and struggling. But NO MORE!
We might come from other Galaxies and Stars, but choosing life on Earth, we already pre select our Earth Ancestors Linage and all heritage from them.
From the very moment we are born we are accompanied by ancestral energies all day, every day. There is NO Escape! They can influence us in positive & uplifting or negative & painful way.
In a positive way this energy might look like, as a big support, money, abundance, health and in a negative way - it might look like curses, illnesses, poverty, suffering and other serious problems in all aspects of our life.
Our Ancestors energy is a very large force, it is GOD itself and for spiritually developing person one of the most important tasks is to connect and commune with your great great grand fathers and mothers.
The ancient wisdom said that the harmony and well-being of human life directly depends on its ancestors, because our soul is inextricably linked by a single energy field with ancestors and the Motherland. If we break this connection, then we deprive ourselves of the special protection and power of the Rod ( Linage).

We will journeying together with gentle Shaman Drum Ritual connect with this Unlimited Powers of your own Linage.

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Later Event: June 27
Open Heart Mic