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Purifying the Seeds of Karma: Insights and Methods of Vedic Astrology

Jyotish means "the science of light "and is the Sanskrit term for Vedic astrology. This ancient science is known as the eye of the Vedas as it sheds light on all areas of life; including relationships, work, health, and spirituality; and provides insight into the challenges that we deal with every day. 

 Jyotish is based on a belief in the law of karma and reincarnation.  The Vedic birth chart is considered to be a map of the karmas that we are destined to experience in this life. A Vedic reading can provide a deeper understanding of our path, and also provides ways to navigate obstacles and challenges through traditional remedial measures such as mantras, herbal medicines, gemstones, and karma yoga.  

Please join Vedic astrologer Willa Keizer as she discusses how the planets represent the different ways we are drawn into habitual karmic patterns, and how Vedic astrology can help to identify and achieve freedom from the suffering  caused by these karmic tendencies that may be traced back through many lifetimes.

Later Event: May 9
Open Heart Mic