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Business Success Workshop

Mark established The Happy Company in 1992, with his personal savings of $22,000. Within three years, the company was earning $20 million and garnering the number five slot on the "Top Ten Companies" list for Northern California. It rose to the number two position on the "Top Ten Fastest Growing Companies" list in the Bay Area in 1996. Happy Massager, his flagship product, was the world's best-selling massage tool. Through The Happy Company, Juarez has invented and managed the development cycle of more than one hundred products, trademarks, and copyrights. 

Well known for his ability to successfully innovate products with ‘character,’ Juarez is living proof of two concepts: first, that it is possible to achieve the ultimate balance between profitable business management and social responsibility. The second, that there is no such thing as an impossible dream. Juarez overcame dyslexia and a disadvantaged upbringing with a strong belief that work is LOVE made visible, and INTEGRITY comes before profits; ethics which he incorporates in his company and everyday living. Through his travels, he experienced firsthand the power of pursuing a dream that benefits others, and the value of sincere gratitude. This became his greatest motivation to continually create and sustain a healthy and happy work environment in which all can work collaboratively together to succeed and thrive.

Juarez is a regular guest teacher at prestigious universities such as Stanford, USC, Loyola Marymount and San Francisco State University. He is also an internationally acclaimed public speaker to businesses and non-profit associations worldwide.

Later Event: February 3
Toning Circle for Families