• Silk Road Chai Shop (map)
  • 105 East Alma Street
  • Mount Shasta, CA, 96067

Amplify your ability of self-healing, and receive messages from yourself in collaboration with spirit that may reveal what you can do to change how you are feeling on a day-to-day basis.
We will answer questions such as:
What if we had a way to access information from our body's own consciousness?
Meditation and the akashic records allow us to hear messages about what we need to be healthy.
What are the root causes of whatever is challenging our health?
What are the Akashic Records and how can we experience them?
How can we use them as a way to nurture our health?
How can we be at the highest levels of vitality and well-being?
How can we know what foods, herbs, practices and supplements are best for us?