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Mindfulness, Meditation & Mantra



Laura Jean will go into detail about how mindfulness, in combination with presence, is the most important spiritual lesson there is. Mindfulness is being aware of ones thoughts from moment to moment. Presence is being fully aware and awake in the present moment. This may seem simple, but consider how often you are thinking about the future or the past. Also, if your mind is running a mile a minute like most people in mainstream society, it is nearly impossible to be conscious of everything you are thinking. Find out at this talk, why this is so important

Laura Jean will discuss how meditation helps us to be more mindful and present, as well as other benefits of meditation and different ways to meditate; most importantly if the intention is there, you can't do it wrong. In addition to these very helpful tips and tools, Laura Jean will go into another level of mindfulness, which is mantra. Mantra is an example of where we are in control of our thoughts instead of our thoughts being in control of us. Mantra is the repetition of a word or phrase which is beneficial to our state of being as well as manifesting a life we are thankful for

Earlier Event: April 12
Open Heart Mic