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Got something to share with others?  Our evening events range from musical performances to book talks, sound healings, guided meditations, etc. Let us know about your intentions to host your own event next month!


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  • Your event time is 7:30pm-9pm. Please make every effort to maintain those times.
  • Chai Shop events are generally free to attend; however, we do put out a donation jar for the performer. We ask that you give 30% of your donations and sales to the Chai Shop.
  • Each month's event calendar is completed at the end of the preceding month. We will call to confirm your event at that time. Once confirmed, please do your best to ensure you are able to be punctual.
  • Please give us as much notice as possible if you must cancel your event.
  • Events are advertised on our monthly calendar, website, email list, local newspapers & our Facebook page. It's up to you to create your own flyer if you wish to do so.

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