A Meeting Place. A Sacred Space. A State of Grace.



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A Meeting Place.  A Sacred Space.  A State of Grace.


Calm Wifi Space

We provide a peaceful environment for you to use the internet, relax, meditate, enjoy a cup of tea, read a good book, meet with friends and family and ground into the energies of Mount Shasta.

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Sacred Bookshop

Our bookshop is filled with books from local authors and rare books from around the world! We have titles covering many topics; Yoga, Art, Spirituality, Travel, Meditation, Healthy Living... just to name a few.


Meditation Room

Each day we offer our sacred space for private sessions with local readers of all types. Ranging from Tarot to Rune Divination & more, there's a personal, intuitive reading for everyone.


Organic • Vegan • Superfood • Delicious

Coffee & Tea

Plus Superfood Hot Chocolate & Mushroom Elixirs


Vegan & Tasty

Our menu is full of healthy and delicious beverages, as well as a wide variety of mushroom elixirs and boosts that can be combined with any drink for a personalized cup of superfood goodness. Like a Maca Reishi Superfood Mocha, for example.  We also feature an assortment of decadent baked goods made from scratch, using only organic, vegan & gluten free ingredients.


Beginning at 7pm

Evening Events

Almost every night there is something amazing happening at the chai shop!  Our evening events are uplifting & heartwarming, conscious & inspiring.  Events range from musical performances to workshops, sound healings, book talks, etc.

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Upcoming Events


Host Your Event!

Fill out an event proposal Form to host your Own event at the chai shop


Books, Tarot, Incense & more

Our Shop

A small sample of the items we offer for sale at the chai shop


Featured Products

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Tuesday-Saturday 12pm-9pm

105 East Alma Street
Mount Shasta, CA 96067

(530) 926-3300